Who I am

My name is Alexandru Vlad but my friends call me Alex. I’m 35 years old and I’m dwelling in the digital world since I got my hands on my first computer (486 Dx4) about twenty years ago.
As an aspiring photographer, the fact that I could take a picture, bring it in a computer and pretty much do anything with it, was a life changer for me. As the years passed and the technology evolved, my whole universe changed. Photography became digital photography and things like graphic design, digital compositing, 3D modeling, animation, sound editing and later, motion graphics, made me want to learn everything that I could find available on the world wide web.
I’ve started to create personal projects and learned the craft, hands on. Needless to say that since then I’ve earned my living doing digital photography, graphic design, general 3D projects, video editing, compositing, animation and motion graphics.
As much as I loved doing everything by myself I soon discovered that no matter how skilled I was, if I wanted to have satisfied clients and complete my projects in the time window, as agreed upon, I had to be a team player and share the hard work and success with others. When you have to work in a team communication skills mean everything. Sharing ideas, finding solutions and all the interactions I had with every team member, made me the professional I am today.
While the world got virtualized in our smart pocket devices, and the art became more and more interactive engaging every user to experience all the virtual realms out there, I soon realized that being able to tell a story might not be sufficient to reach my potential audience. The solution to that problem was to start learning to code. I am still learning today and I am fascinated about the whole interactive media design, mobile development and the possibility to solve a problem with the touch of a screen.



Cinema 4D0%

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SWIFT Programming0%